Meet Our Family Team
Matt Norton is an award winning audio/visual artist with over 25 years experience in video and music production. His portfolio includes celebrities, and international corporations. Matt got his start in the wedding/entertainment industry over 15 years ago as a DJ working for one of the most popular entertainment franchises in the nation.
Complete Music Inc.
Sarah, Matt and Melissa's middle child graduated from BOCES Media arts program. She is currently a student at Houghton College and will be continuing her studies in Media arts next semester.

She is a talented artist, singer and actress and has worked for the family business as a photographer, videographer and DJ's assistant.

Sarah has a rare form of an anxiety disorder known as selective mutism. She may come across as shy and soft spoken however when in her comfort zones she is anything but that. She has made great strides to overcome her nerves and not let them get in the way of her passions.
Sam, Matt and Melissa's oldest son has been a student at Corning Community College for Engineering and will be joining his sister at Houghton College next semester as he explores computer science and continues with engineering.

He is also a talented and very funny actor and DJ as well as a helping hand on the mixing console and a lighting programmer.

Tim is Matt's younger brother, co-producer/co-songwriter, and percussionist (Matt Norton Music). He is currently finishing up his masters in psychology in Indiana.

Tim has a great eye for photography, and videography and enjoys DJing, and performing stand up comedy And sound engineering.
Melissa is Matt's wife of over 20 years. She has been an accountant at a local hospital and has practically run Refining Fire Productions. She enjoys on occasion traveling with Matt to some of the farther away locations and helps out with DJing, videotaping and snapping a few photos as needed. She is an actress and an extraordinary soprano and can be found performing regularly at the Havana Courthouse theater in Montour Falls, NY in The summer.
Matt devotes much of his spare time to photography and his biggest passion as an 80's 90's Pop Rock/Melodic Rock/ Metal singer songwriter/recording artist. He is a sound and lighting specialist as well as an amateur actor appearing in local musicals.
Meet The Matt Norton Entertainment Family Team